48 Laws




Are you a single woman that wants to get married? There are 48 bona fide LAWS to getting a man to ask you to marry him.

We’re here to educate unmarried, single women that are interested in being traditional, submissive wives on how to embrace the old landmark; the benchmark of femininity, loyal companionship, supportive, sincere wives… to masculine, Alpha male, Patriarchal, Dominant, husbands, and still be successful, professional, college educated, businesswomen in today’s world.

By joining this ongoing training, you will gain the following:

The 48 Laws to Getting a Husband
  • 48 Laws of Getting THE RIGHT man to marry you
  • Exclusive access to our teaching group where you will learn the 48 laws and what you need to know in order to get a man to marry you
  • Access to Elder Makabi as teacher and leader
And there’s more…

Are you tired of just being a girlfriend and ready for MULTIPLE men to try to lock you down and put a ring on it? Not just any man, but a GOOD MAN.

Makabi HIllel Nageed Ministries


If you want a Dominant, Masculine, Alpha Male to marry you, you need this training. Our instructor has been teaching men how to be Alpha males going on 4 years now. And now he will be opening up my services to women.

By mastering this teaching, you will learn the art of getting marriage proposals. This training is not for everyone because it will require a change in your mindset and behavior.  These skills will NOT involve threatening to leave, giving ultimatums, whining, crying, or complaining about not getting married.

So if you want that ring, there are 48 LAWS that you will learn to incorporate into your life and follow without even trying. If you want NOT ONE, but multiple men asking you to marry them, SUBSCRIBE NOW

What You Get…
  • The 48 Laws of Getting A Husband is a monthly membership for single women.
  • Learn the secrets to become the type of woman that attracts dominant, alpha males that propose marriage.
  • Find out how to attract the RIGHT MAN not just any man

Monthly Instruction on the 48 Laws that you can incorporate into your life to get men to propose to you.  Learn the rules that will get you the husband you desire.

Gain Exclusive Access to our private teaching group where you will learn the tools you need to get THE RIGHT MAN to marry you.

Surround yourself with like minds in an environment of teaching, motivation, and accountability. Grow in a positive, nurturing setting where you will grow into your best so that you can succeed.